yay! I'm still alive!

:-D My final is tomorrow--- after that, I'll have more time again yays! I'm thinking to write another KHR fanfic. Feeling inspired from being deprived of writing/funtime. Also, found some awesome AMVs and doujinshi's i've fallen behind on haha.

I think Gokudera is sex on a stick, and doesn't realize it :-p but its good for the fangirls bc that inspires more fanfics ;) ah wells, off to study some more. I can't wait to be done with grad school for life!

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Random Ramble Review Post (mini?) - Trigun: Maximum (Manga)

I'm sorry LJ *pets* I've been ignoring you.

I'm still alive, I swear. Since work started, its been harder to do stuff. I guess it's good to be productive, just sometimes the lifestyle needs a stop light haha. oh wells.

I guess I'll do a small Random Review Rant on Trigun: Maximum manga. Its so good. I can't stop reading. The anime suddenly sucks after reading this, srsly. I found the drawings more appealing/ prettier ♥!, and its hell darker. I'm thinking: wtf happened in the anime? The fight scenes were putz-out, and waaaay too many goofy moments.

Fangirl Rant: Ok, ok, I ♥ Wolfwood. I didn't care much about anyone in the anime, but in the manga, it's absolute love. Plus, he's there pretty much all the time, more badass, and there's so much more to the relationship between him and Vash (plus, I think their an old, bickering married couple anyway --- "If anyone, I'd fight for him." Seriously. Mangaka, there were way too many of those scenes to be by accident...). And that one scene (i'm not spoiling it now... but ppl should know what im talking about), so much more emotional . Gawd, I got teary and had to read something else after that volume... And I was so BITTER!! It's like that feeling of no redemption when something shitty happened and the bad guys are like "Wahahaah well shit hit the fan too bad oh well" (I scream NO)! Well, I guess you know that you are invested in the story when you start feelin' that. So.... READ IT. It's hell good :))


Sengoku Basara Movie

hot shit, someone needs to fansub this liek NOWWWWW --- if not already (ARGH. Must. Get.) I'll even take RAW files. I just need to know what happens @ the end!!!!

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Amazon, was it too gay for you?


Article: Amazon Censors kindle

Quesiton is, is it just yaoi, or is it ALL erotica-type books/manga? Some have said they still see regular erotica and have NOT pulled those titles or said anyting about them! So what now amazon... have you jumped into the homo-phobe bandwagon? I poop on this descision, especially when they can make amends by creating a process or some sort of check to deal with under-aged readers. A digital reader is no different than someone seeing yaoi on their shelves. This is NO DIFFERENT than buying the actual books from the Amazon website. 

Ugh. This is why scanlations and bootlegs are reigning.Just a tad annoyed. Thought I'd share the bit of news. Kindle users, just get your shit while you can.
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Hitman Reborn 335 - Mukuro x Tsuna

I confess. I really like Mukuro x Tsuna.  It's been a while since any of Mukuro's "double-meaning flirting" happened (he needs to come back more often, dammit!!). Yeah, yeah, I know he's an illusionist that can take over ppl's bodies and such, but let me have my fun w/ Mukuro's easily misinterpreted verbiage.

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