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Random Ramble Review Post (mini?) - Trigun: Maximum (Manga)

I'm sorry LJ *pets* I've been ignoring you.

I'm still alive, I swear. Since work started, its been harder to do stuff. I guess it's good to be productive, just sometimes the lifestyle needs a stop light haha. oh wells.

I guess I'll do a small Random Review Rant on Trigun: Maximum manga. Its so good. I can't stop reading. The anime suddenly sucks after reading this, srsly. I found the drawings more appealing/ prettier ♥!, and its hell darker. I'm thinking: wtf happened in the anime? The fight scenes were putz-out, and waaaay too many goofy moments.

Fangirl Rant: Ok, ok, I ♥ Wolfwood. I didn't care much about anyone in the anime, but in the manga, it's absolute love. Plus, he's there pretty much all the time, more badass, and there's so much more to the relationship between him and Vash (plus, I think their an old, bickering married couple anyway --- "If anyone, I'd fight for him." Seriously. Mangaka, there were way too many of those scenes to be by accident...). And that one scene (i'm not spoiling it now... but ppl should know what im talking about), so much more emotional . Gawd, I got teary and had to read something else after that volume... And I was so BITTER!! It's like that feeling of no redemption when something shitty happened and the bad guys are like "Wahahaah well shit hit the fan too bad oh well" (I scream NO)! Well, I guess you know that you are invested in the story when you start feelin' that. So.... READ IT. It's hell good :))

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