Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi TV

Had a wonderful time at fangirl night ;) Even though we didn't get a chance to watch much anime, it was fun just to hang out and do some fun easter stuff. We did watch Oofuri 12.5, plus Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi OVA prequel, which was a little "eh..". I've read the manga, and so i wanted to know how the actual TV series went. I was very happy to find that episode one is out online :)

Youtube also has it online. **NOTE: If you've seen the OVA, skip to time 1:20 as they recap! I must admit, I like present day Ritsu much more ("I've become a totally jaded adult" ... damn right. I think we all end up that way). And I hear manga publishing lifestyle is pretty accurate (seriously? O_o;). I'll prolly be keeping an eye on the series and snagging unless it poops out (which is a risk -- the manga is not finished in Japan...) bc so far, so good. Too early for a review rant.

In other news, I need to start ficcing again... rabid bunnies running WILD hehehe. Oh, and will be traveling in a few days, but will probably try to stay connected at each hotel stop.
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Abe x Mihashi 4 LIFE

So... I'll be on the plane/traveling all day tomorrow (le sigh). Though I'm out of town next week, I'll have boredom moments and may be online more than I think.

Anyways, Abe x Mihashi!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!
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Oofuri x Karekano, Fanficcing, and RL

Randomn fansquealing again:
HAH, lovely parody. And just b/c he rips off his shirt, I'll post it. And i do so love Karekano as well.

Fanficcing ... KHR... or Oofuri?
I really need to get my ass in gear and start writing again. I've told many peeps that I feel like an empty nester whose fanfics have all gone and graduated. ;_; The plot bunnies have become more rabid than usual, overtaking my senses and keeping me from being productive. I'm thinking of joining khrfest , but i'm a wuss and intimidated ;_; so many prompts, and such a public commitment, and I'm not exactly the most "social" of fangirls. I just write and post and respond to q's... or maybe I'm just over-pressuring myself HAHA.

On one hand, I want to write an Oofuri fic too, but it's coming on to be rather difficult... I dunno why that's so. I think it's because the anime/manga have such vivid characters, it would be easy to go OOC (Out of Character), or be interpreted as OOC. So yes, that's intimidating too. I don't want to mess up my boys, though I'd love to do an AbeMiha (God, I'm SO canon. it's YamaGoku, now its AbeMiha), with some HanaTaji, or even OdaKanou (oh they are my guilty secret. I just really like sassy little Uke's XD, I must have a "sassy spinner uke" fetish.... spinner meaning the seme can put them on their lap and spin them 180 degrees. Yes, I know, I know... and that slang is actually coined from a reality show X-/). My plot bunnies went crazy after I saw this pic (dies):

RL Stuff
Well, I'll elaborate more laters. Just that I'll be out of town, then back in town, then out of town for a bit... I may be bored enough while out of town to be online a lot though. We shall see :) Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

the Oofuri Boys are TOO CUTE

Watched the rest of season 2, and was yelling in excitement/anger/enthusiasm. I love every one of these boys -- its hard to think of even a "favorite" really... And, ARGHH. I don't want to spoil, but at the end is ARGH *dies*. The boys are so adorable, you want to protect them from bad stuff XO. Plus, Abe and Mihashi are so CUTE. It reaches like levels of epic diabeetus sweetness.

Random cuteness XD

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Pretty-ness in 35 seconds...

this AMV is *_* and wholly under-rated! *clicks on LIKE BUTTON*. There's a screen overlay that makes the whole thing beautiful, as if its all underwater -- very fitting for the Rain Guardian... not only that, but the music suits the timing and such. I didn't even know who Emma Shapplin was until this video. I just wish it wasn't only 35s. long. Feels more like a teaser/trailer to me. Nevertheless, this deserves more than the views it has. *enter embedded video*

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Kleenex plz bc i ran into something that could kill me.

Yamamoto Takeshi (Hitman Reborn) in his baseball uniform = major [info]lilang_luha nosebleed *spurts all over laptop* 

I don't normally do crossover fics, but i can see this working out with KHR x Oofuri crossover, maybe Nishiura vs. Namimori XD *tears* ((ppl dun understand, Yama is my ultimate seme of all time. How can you NOT love everyone's favorite baseball idiot?)). Pretty sure he's a clean-up hitter too XD !!!!!

*faints from bloodloss*

In addition, there's the crossover parody XD ahh i need to work on my presentation and not be doing this kinda sh*t LOL!

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