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Welcome to Lilang Luha's Demented Journal

Read this... if you dare :-)

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  • lilang_luha@livejournal.com

Regarding Fanfics:

a. I do archive ALL my fics in my Livejournal under the Memories. That is just in case you miss a chapter, or if it is over the acceptable FFNet rating. Be sure you're 18+ if you do decide to read an NC-17; I trust that you know how to count your age. Read the author notes and warnings. Pretty much all my fics are BL/yaoi! If you don't know what this is, look it up! Don't come crying to me about how you didn't know there was this and that and you were offended, because if you didn't read the warnings, you were asking for it.

So how do you get to my livejournal memories page?> Click on my Homepage link on the profile above.> Click on the link "Memories", which is above "Lilang Luha's Demented Journal". > Should have an archive list of everything I've posted.

b. I also archive under my Fanfiction.net account -- http://www.fanfiction.net/~lilangluha

c. If you want to archive my fics on your site, just send me a message. And please. Don't steal fics. Stealing is bad. Yes, it is BAD, in case you didn't know. I will hunt you down like a blood hound and eat you alive, even if it's someone else's fics that was stolen. Oh yes. Cannibalism is acceptable when it comes to fic snagging.

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